I’m psyched to introduce you to the newest member of our team: a man who truly needs no introduction.

Welcome, Kris Kaplan! 

Kris is a longtime colleague, fellow entrepreneur, and friend. Our story starts at EO Boston, where we first met many years ago. Since then, we’ve been on the journey together—through business ventures, athletic events, and our own personal ups and downs.

Kris Kaplan

EOS Implementer ®

Kris Kaplan has been an entrepreneur since age 5. Growing up around his family’s retail company, he learned the ins and outs of business along with his ABCs. Kris started and ran Kris & Co., a manufacturers’ rep agency that worked with retailers across the northeast. Kris turned his small enterprise into an 8-figure business and sold it to JG2HI in 2016. 

Since then, he’s focused his formidable talents and boundless energy into inspiring entrepreneurs to build outstanding companies and live purpose-driven lives. Kris brings over 20 years of hands-on entrepreneurial experience into every EOS session that he runs. His no bullsh*t approach helps business leaders stay focused and keep innovating.

Kris is actively taking on new clients. To learn more about Kris or find out what EOS can do for your business, please reach out to him at: kris@crewsconsultinggroup.com

–Eric Crews
Founder & President
Crews Consulting Group 

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Welcome to the team, Kris!
We are looking forward to Make Awesome Happen with you!