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How to Make Your Next Big Hire

As we all know, hiring continues to be a major challenge, especially for companies in the $2M-40M range. It’s hard to be competitive with bigger businesses, and top-level talent just isn’t accessible. READ MORE

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When your company grows, things inevitably change. You bring on more people, you develop more processes. You find the balance between acting as business owner and directly serving your clients. READ MORE

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The crux of any annual plan (or really, any plan at all) is setting goals. Get the goals right, and you’ll unite your team, delight your customers, and grow your business. READ MORE

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Many (many) of us got to where we are today because we started doing something that we love. That something made us money, and it grew, and eventually we became more than a practitioner plying a trade—we became business owners. READ MORE

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How do you make money? When you ask yourself this question, does the answer come easily? It’s something entrepreneurs often take for granted—but shouldn’t. READ MORE

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If you can’t enjoy the journey you’re on, you’ll lose perspective. And what’s the point of doing what you’re doing if you’re miserable all the time? READ MORE