I’m proud and excited to welcome Malika Amandi as the newest partner in the CCG network!

Malika is a coach, speaker, and advocate who provides communication coaching and leadership development to professional women. She helps female executives and those aspiring to leadership positions, especially in male-dominated industries, speak with confidence and authority. 

Malika is the founder of the Center for Women’s Voice, a space for individuals and organizations that are ready to move the needle on valuing women’s voices.

Malika Amandi is a national speaker and trainer based in Los Angeles. In 2017, she founded The Center for Women’s Voice, where she teaches women how to communicate effectively and authentically without apologizing or overanalyzing. 

Drawing from her own experiences in the entertainment industry and as a professional development facilitator for the military, Malika brings a unique perspective that is both approachable and practical for any woman who wants to be heard. 

She believes that the way women use their voices in their daily lives directly impacts the rights they have and the way they’re treated as a community in the world at large. 

Since launching The Center for Women’s Voice, Malika has led hundreds of coaching sessions and facilitated workshops with women across a spectrum of fields—including the corporate sector, entertainment industry, Silicon Valley, nonprofits, and academia.

Every team member needs the opportunity to excel in their role. Without the right professional development—which should be responsive to an individual’s background, upbringing, and worldview—employees may not have the tools they need to optimize their potential. Malika helps empower women and teaches them to build their advocacy skills in a professional capacity, strengthening their contributions and leveraging their overall impact on the team.

To learn more about Malika or see how she can amplify female leadership in your organization, contact us at info@crewsconsultinggroup.com.

–Eric Crews
Founder & President
Crews Consulting Group 

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