If you’ve worked with me or my fellow Implementer, Jay Bacrania, you know how much we love EOS®. It’s an incredible system for our clients, and it’s the same system we’ve used to successfully run our own companies. 

When we started the Crews Consulting Group, we were offered an incredible gift: a chance to use EOS to build a company from the ground up. Our organization has run on EOS from the very beginning—and every win and challenge adds to the knowledge and experience we’re able to share with you.

So today, things are going to get a little personal. We’re sharing some highlights from that most sacred of EOS documents—the company’s Vision/Traction Organizer™ or V/TO. 

In EOS, the V/TO is your north star. It helps you frame your vision for the company and tells you which direction to move in. The V/TO starts with the big picture (10 Year Target) and gets more granular until you have concrete actions to take in the next 90 days (quarterly Rocks).

Our Core Values

  • –Help First
  • –Work the Plan
  • –Change Your Life
  • –Write Your Story
  • –Enjoy the Ride

10-Year Target: Build the firm to 75 Implementers and 1,000 clients.

We want those 75 Implementers to help small to medium size businesses (mostly sub-$50M), which are largely overlooked by consulting firms. In the next decade, we plan to expand beyond New England and across the nation.

3-Year Picture: Build the firm to 15 Implementers and 150 clients.

A major growth phase for the firm. We’ll add more marketing and administration, expand our service offerings, and start building our client community.

1-Year Plan: Build the firm to 4 Implementers and 50 clients.

The 12-month plan is pretty tactical. We need to create systems and processes to prepare for growth, rev up our marketing engine, fill the client pipeline, and hire two EOS Implementers. 

Using the Vision/Traction Organizer

If you’ve already got a V/TO, now’s a great time to revisit it:

–Is your company moving toward a big picture vision that inspires you? (e.g., sustained profitability or a successful exit) 
–Are your 3-year and 1-year goals aligned with that vision?
–Are your quarterly Rocks based on the best next steps to get you there?
–Is your team consistently using your V/TO to guide their daily actions?

If you are feeling uninspired or uncertain about your current V/TO (or if you don’t have one yet), please reach out to us! You need to be excited and clear about the vision for your business—and we’re ready to help you get there.


Skimmed it? Here’s the recap:

–Highlights from the Crews Consulting Group’s V/TO
–Core Values: Help First, Work the Plan, Change Your Life, Write Your Story, Enjoy the Ride
–10-Year Target: Biggest consulting firm for sub-$50M companies in the US
–3-Year Picture: 15 Implementers and 150 clients
–1-Year Plan: 4 Implementers and 50 clients
–Start with big ideas; drill down to 90-day goals