Who runs your business?

As an entrepreneur, the reflexive answer might be “Me. Who else?” And for an entrepreneur who’s organized, disciplined, and enjoys the minutiae of company operations, that’s a great answer.

But if you’re a business owner who sits more squarely in the Visionary seat, running your own business might not feel like the right fit after you hit a couple million dollars in revenue. A Visionary profile is focused on the big picture, not the day to day details.

That puts you back to square one. Who runs your business? 

The answer in many cases is that there’s a separate person, your #2, who is responsible for conducting the business of your company, making sure the trains “run on time,” as it were.

The job title can change: President, Business Manager, Chief Operating Officer (COO), even Integrator™. The role, essentially, stays the same.

Jay Bacrania, one of our senior consultants, recently spoke with Marshall Gibbs. Marshall is our newest team member, an experienced COO who knows what it really takes to run—and grow—a great company.

Their conversation lays out exactly what a great COO looks like, what the job is and what it isn’t.

We tried out a new format for this piece, so I hope you enjoy the listening experience. You can check out the whole conversation between Marshall and Jay right here.

Here’s what you’ll learn from their conversation:

(1) What the dynamic between a COO and a CEO looks like
(2) The difference between a COO and a Director of Operations
(3) The big mistake organizations make in their approach to the CEO
(4) Why a COO is an investment in your organization’s growth and not just overhead

All the Best,

Eric Crews
Founder & President
Crews Consulting Group

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