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You’re setting company goals for the quarter. When do you articulate the bottom line, and when do you reach for the stars? In a recent post, I talked about why reaching all your goals isn’t necessarily a good thing. At the same time, you need some measure of security that your team will hit certain benchmarks, especially those around sales and profitability. READ MORE

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When your team sets goals for your company, how often do you achieve them? If you rarely follow through on what you say you’re going to do, you’ve got operational issues (and maybe also people, strategy, or finance issues to boot). But believe it or not, past a certain point: higher achievement isn’t always better. READ MORE

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In my last post on the role of a CEO, we talked about how the head of a company can best use their time. But what about the CEO or business owner who finds themselves drifting out of their designated area on the org chart and into their team’s domain? Call it drifting. Or meddling. Or smothering. Or micromanaging. There *might* be a good reason for it in the short term, but long term, it’s always a problem. READ MORE

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CEO. It’s the most important job in your whole company, right? It’s certainly up there. But I’ve met a surprising number of CEOs who finally make it to the top of their org chart and can’t quite figure out…what exactly they’re supposed to DO all day. READ MORE

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Today, I have the honor of introducing you to Simon Anderson, CEO of Mission, an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Managed Cloud Service Provider with deep expertise in launching and leveraging the power of the cloud. READ MORE

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Working the plan is the perfect blend of strategy and execution (two of the four key areas we cover in our Growth system). The plan itself? It starts with your strategy. The plan is borne from you taking a 30,000 foot view, deciding what you want 10 years, 3 years, 1 year from now. The details of the plan are your roadmap for getting there—what do you need to do in order to get what you want?. READ MORE